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About Bambino Decor

Located in the heart of Minnesota, Bambino Decor is a full service design + furnishings studio specializing in nurseries and children's rooms.​

I have vivid memories of my childhood bedroom. Bright green shag carpeting and butterfly wallpaper filled the small yet magical space. I remember the bright white eyelet drapes and the black and white storybook art that hung on the wall. I imagined I was fairy princess and danced around like a ballerina. I spent countless hours in that room playing and dreaming!

Fast forward to 2009 when I was anticipating the arrival of my little Bambina. When it came time to design the nursery, I was completely underwhelmed with the selection available for children’s spaces. Finding unique, well-designed products at affordable prices was a major challenge that involved extensive searches and overwhelming websites.

As an interior designer, I’d worked with beautiful decor and furnishings on a daily basis – none of which were within my financial means. Nowhere could I find retailers that carried high quality nursery furnishings at affordable prices. This realization marked the beginning of Bambino Decor.

Bambino Decor is a one-stop boutique where parents will find the inspiration, design services, and decor to help create a beautiful space for their children. Not only to sleep, but to play, imagine, dream and create. Bambino Decor is here to help create a place that inspires all of these things and creates lasting memories for years to come.

I truly hope you enjoy your experience with Bambino Decor!